"Time goes fast, but memories go slow"

NEW! Dreamerz&Co. launched their 3rd album 'Old Habits Die Hard'.

Blues in the spirit of John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed with a 21st century flavor.

Dreamerz&Co. are a musical collective. They compose and record songs inspired by their favorite music (classic rock, blues).They released the album 'Time Liftin' in 2016 and a second one, 'Boogie Stories', in 2018. During 2018 and in 2019 several singles have been added to their catalogue.  

Adriaan Dorresteijn, Nico Verrips and Tom Visser.

We thank Peter Doppen, Jan Klop, Johan Lange, Benjamin Streuper, Herman van Tongerloo, Ellen Blom, Anita Dingelstad for their inspiring contributions.

Dreamerz&Co. have a playlist on Spotify: Blues that made us rock!

We admire the musical and lyrical power of blues pioneers like Muddy Waters.  Bonamassa and the likes keep the flame burning.

If you have a similar musical taste, be our guest and follow us on Spotify!

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